He defines himself as "the Musicattore"® (actor, musician, author and singer): specializing in the Chamber theater and

Teatro Sinfonico© (according to his coining), Maio becomes the standard-bearer and creates a trend among very young people. His is extremely popular with audiences and critics from the Scala of Milan to the Petruzzelli of Bari, from Oporto to London, to Munich from Geneva, from Quirinale Palace of Roma to Italian Embassy in London, from Ravello Festival to Martha Argerich Festival Hamburg, and collaborates with well-known conductors and soloists (Charles Dutoit, Bruno Canino, Donato Renzetti, Giorgio Bernasconi, Alessandro Pinzauti, Mario Brunello, Francesco D’Orazio, Marcello Panni, Gianluca Marcianò, Marco Zuccarini, Fabrizio Meloni, Luigi Tedone, Antonmario Semolini, Mario Ancillotti, Michele Mariotti, Alberto Martini, Kasper De Roo, Alessandro Ferrari, Tonino Battista, Christoph Sturzenegger, Giovanni Tamborrino, Elisa Tomellini, Massimiliano Caldi, Giuseppe Bruno, Vincenzo Perrone, Osvaldo Perreira, Enrico Grillotti, etc.) and by orchestras such as the “Solisti del Teatro alla Scala”, the “Theatre Carlo Felice Orchestra”, the “Filarmonica Regionale Marchigiana”, the “I Virtuosi Italiani”, the “Orchestra d’Archi Italiana”, “Symphoniker Hamburg”, the “Camerata Strumentale Italiana”, the “Hyperion Ensemble”, the “Mikrokosmos Ensemble”, the “Orchestra della RAI”, the “ORT”, the “Orquestra Nacional do Porto”, etc. He has received the "Premio dei Critici di Teatro", the "Premio Ettore Petrolini" and his is also a UNICEF Testimonial. Guest at the Italian Embassy in London for his "Inferno da Camera" (defined by the medievalist Francesco Mosetti Casaretto "the first Dante in 3D" and awarded by the CISI - International Centre of Italian Studies). Maio is appointed Representative in Italy of the Igor Stravinsky Foundation, by the President Marie Stravinsky (great-granddaughter of the illustrious Russian composer), as the best interpreter of "L'Histoire du Soldat", his workhorse. He wrote the entry “H for Histoire du Soldat” for the Stravinskian Dictionary, published by the IS Foundation. His repertoire ranges from Prokofiev's "Pierino e il Lupo" to Ibsen/Grieg's "Peer Gynt", as well as original works written and set to music by himself (the mozartian didactic parodies “Eine kleine Zauberflöte” and “The magic chamber of Don Giovanni”, “Vespe d'Artificio - Futurism from Stravinsky to Petrolini”, "Des Wandererswand - life, art and madness of the painter Adolf Wölfli", “Traveling with Rossini and Paganini”, etc.). Moreover, he has received the Genoa City Council Award as “punta d’orgoglio e di internazionalità della cultura Genovese” ("matter of pride and internationality of Genoese culture"), and the ENTEL certificate "thanks for the great contribution to Italian and European Theater". He interpreted “Soldat” at the Centre des Arts in Geneva (September 2018) for the 100th anniversary of Stravinsky’s masterpiece, under the patronage of the Stravinsky Foundation. He composed a work for voice and piano dedicated to Genoese tenor Francesco Meli, successfully performed at La Scala in Milan (and now in Tokyo, together with three other new Lieder). He is also an architect, scenographer and designer.

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